Xpress Repair - We take care of the entire claim. Drop-in, hassle free service

Created Xpressly for you.

Xpress RepairNow you can come directly to Craftsman Collision to have your repair approved. With Craftsman’s Xpress Repair service, you simply call to make an appointment at your nearest location during our normal working hours. We'll review the damage and submit it for approval to your insurance provider on your behalf.

We will also explain what's involved in making the repair:

We can even arrange for a replacement vehicle if you need one.

One visit to Craftsman is all it takes.

Once your repairs are completed, we'll wash and clean your car so it's looking its best when you arrive to pick it up. You'll go home with our exclusive AIR MILES® reward miles on the value of your repair (maximum 300 reward miles).

You'll leave with our unsurpassed lifetime guarantee on all our work, and – if you're like most of our customers – a big smile. Up to 96% of our customers are happy with our work. And yes, we do keep track of these things. Note that some repairs may still require a visit to your insurer.

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